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Hyperbolic Module


class  ryujin::HyperbolicModule< Description, dim, Number >


enum class  ryujin::IDViolationStrategy { ryujin::IDViolationStrategy::warn , ryujin::IDViolationStrategy::raise_exception }

Detailed Description

This module contains classes and functions used during different stages of the explicit hyperbolic update performed in HyperbolicModule::step().

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ IDViolationStrategy

enum class ryujin::IDViolationStrategy

An enum controlling the behavior on detection of an invariant domain or CFL violation. Such a case might occur for either aggressive CFL numbers > 1, and/or later stages in the Runge Kutta scheme when the time step tau is prescribed.

The invariant domain violation is detected in the limiter and typically implies that the low-order update is already out of bounds. We further do a quick sanity check whether the computed step size tau_max and the prescribed step size tau are within an acceptable tolerance of about 10%.


Warn about an invariant domain violation but take no further action.


Raise a Restart exception on domain violation. This exception can be caught in TimeIntegrator and various different actions (adapt CFL and retry) can be taken depending on chosen strategy.

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