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convenience_macros.h File Reference
#include <deal.II/base/function.h>
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namespace  ryujin


Various convenience functions and macros
#define AssertThrowSIMD(variable, condition, exception)
#define ACCESSOR_READ_ONLY(member)
#define ACCESSOR(member)
#define ASM_LABEL(label)   asm("#" label);


template<int dim, typename Number , typename Callable >
ToFunction< dim, Number, Callable > ryujin::to_function (const Callable &callable, const unsigned int k)
template<typename FT , int problem_dim = FT::dimension, typename TT = typename FT::value_type, typename T = typename TT::value_type>
DEAL_II_ALWAYS_INLINE dealii::Tensor< 1, problem_dim, T > ryujin::contract (const FT &flux_ij, const TT &c_ij)
template<typename FT , int problem_dim = FT::dimension>
DEAL_II_ALWAYS_INLINE FT ryujin::add (const FT &flux_left_ij, const FT &flux_right_ij)