ryujin 2.1.1 revision 9dcb748690310d6a540ebb8b066d1a0834fc7604
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Member ryujin::Checkpointing::write_checkpoint (const OfflineData< dim, Number > &offline_data, const std::string &base_name, const MultiComponentVector< Number, n_comp, simd_length > &U, const Number t, const unsigned int output_cycle, const MPI_Comm &mpi_communicator)
Some day, we should refactor this into a class and do something smarter...
Class ryujin::EulerInitialStates::RadialContrast< Description, dim, Number >
Transform a nonzero initial velocity into a radial momentum scaling with 1 / r^(dim -1).
Class ryujin::Manifolds::AirfoilManifold< dim >
Class ryujin::Manifolds::ExtrudedManifold< dim >
Class ryujin::Manifolds::GradingManifold< dim >
Class ryujin::NavierStokes::ParabolicSolver< Description, dim, Number >
Provide more details about boundary conditions.
Member ryujin::quadratic_newton_step (Number &p_1, Number &p_2, const Number phi_p_1, const Number phi_p_2, const Number dphi_p_1, const Number dphi_p_2, const Number sign=Number(1.0))
Write out the quadratic Newton step in more detail.
Class ryujin::ShallowWater::Indicator< dim, Number >
Class ryujin::ShallowWater::Limiter< dim, Number >
Class ryujin::StubSolver< Description, dim, Number >
Remove this class alltogether by generalizing the core ingredients of all StubSolver implementation(s) for the different equations and put them into ParabolicModule (with equation-dependent code in ParabolicSystem).
Class ryujin::SynchronizationDispatch
write documentation